A complete system in one book, designed so that any native speaker can teach English



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The ultimate teaching ESL book of speaking activities

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Just some of our five-star reviews 

‘What a great book! Andromeda’s knowledge and experience shines through. She gets straight to the point, gives very clear grammar explanations and loads of practical help’ Sheila Longden. five-stars_small

‘This is a one-stop shop for preparing powerful classes that throws out the need for costly and confusing text books. Priceless!’  Amazon Customer.five-stars_small

‘Great book, saved me hours of prep. Each grammar point comes with its own speaking activity so you won’t run out of ideas about what to teach your students!’ TeacherA24. five-stars_small



Advanced Spanish learner books to get you speaking with fluency and confidence

Spanish for geniuses advanced Spanish book

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Spanish language book

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About us

Bilingualism is a skill that opens doors which why TEFL English teachers are in such demand.

If you already know how to teach English then great. If not, we can help.

We provide EFL/ESL resources for teachers including books, illustrated speaking activities and lesson ideas.

For English speakers learning advanced Spanish we also provide books and free lessons to get you speaking with fluency and confidence.


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