TEFL Tips: How to practice questions

16th October 2017 / Teaching

TEFL tips: how to practice questions how to teach ESL/EFL

Compared to other European languages, questions in English are hard. The subject and the verb swap places, there is the added ‘do’ or ‘does’ and prepositions go at the end. For this reason, you must make question practice an integral part of every TEFL lesson and here is how to do it.

5# Killer ESL speaking activities that require no preparation

15th June 2016 / Teaching

TEFL speaking activities

A good speaking activity makes an ESL lesson but it doesn't have to take a lot of time to prepare. In fact, the more you step back from an activity, the more you will engage your students as you give them space to use their imaginations. Follow this five activities to get your students speaking requiring no preparation from the teacher.

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