Easy English: The Ultimate Manual for Speaking Success

Easy English Grammar and Vocabulary Manual

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Written by a practicing English teacher, The Ultimate Vocabulary and Grammar Manual for Speaking Success offers a treasure of real-world expressions, verbs, adjectives and exercises to enrich your vocabulary and perfect your grammar to help you speak English naturally.

My name is Andromeda Jones and I have been teaching English to Italian, Spanish, French, and Portuguese speakers for over a decade. Through my years of experience, I have discovered the vocabulary and grammar that English-learners need to in order to speak naturally and fluently.  I have collected this material in one easy-to-use manual to help you achieve your language-learning goals. 

With this book, you will have the power to:

  • Dive deep into language topics categorised by function and learn English as it is spoken by natives today.
  • Go beyond standard textbook English with fun and impactful words and phrases to express emotions, discuss modern-day issues, convey complicated ideas, and socialise.
  • Remember and truly understand phrasal verbs with a new technique to learn the deeper meaning of the verb.
  • Overcome your doubts about English grammar with explanations and exercises covering the 10 most difficult topics of grammar.
  • Be confident with your pronunciation with our guide to the perfect pronunciation of difficult, non-phonetic words.