Understand phrasal verbs with ‘to fall’

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phrasal verbs with to fall

Do you use 'to fall' correctly? Probably not. The reason why so many students fail with 'to fall' is that although it may seem like a normal verb, it isn’t. 'To fall' separates into five different phrasal verbs: 'to fall in', 'to fall out', 'to fall over', 'to fall down' which each express a different type of motion. Discover how to stop making mistakes, with this post.

Learn English for free – the best 25 websites (2018)

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Learn english for free

Students often ask me two questions. Number one: Is it possible to learn English online for free? And the answer: ‘Yes. It is absolutely possible to learn English online for free.' But then, number two is: 'Is it difficult to learn English online?' And the answer to that is: 'No, it's not difficult, but it is a lot of hard work!'

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