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how to teach esl online

The online teaching industry has exploded in popularity. However, for every good company there are many others who pay badly and take punitive action against tutors if they can't make a class. I've written answers to the most common questions to help tutors navigate this new and unregulated industry.

How to teach phrasal verbs (so that your ESL students remember)

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how to teach phrasal verbs

Phrasal verbs are notoriously difficult to teach because the verb often bears no relation to the meaning. And yet, they are everywhere in English. And so, on some deeper level phrasal verbs must make sense. Discover how to teach the deeper meaning of phrasal verbs so that your students remember them and love you for it.

The best ESL / EFL homework ideas that require no marking 2020

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ESL EFL homework ideas

Homework is an important part of study but it can be overwhelming for a TEFL teacher with a mountain of exercise books to mark. To avoid this, smart ESL teachers should set some (if not, the bulk) of their homework assignments as independent study which the teacher does not have to correct. Here are the best resources in 2018.

12 Free TEFL resources online for your ESL students

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Free resources for ESL students

Learning a foreign language is a steep mountain to climb. Along the journey, it’s important to get your ESL students to research English grammar and vocabulary independently or you, the TEFL teacher, will have to push everyone up the incline alone (and probably burn out in the process). Here are some of the best ESL resource sites.

The big list of English collocations – free pdf download for your ESL class

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The big list of collocations ESL/EFL teaching

Collocations are verb + noun or verb + adjective combinations that make an expression. They are one of the keys to learning to speak English well and if you teach them in your lessons your students will love you for it. This list includes over 80 collocations and now here they are ready for you fellow TEFL/EFL teachers. To make things extra easy, you'll can download a PDF handout below to use in your class. Enjoy!

Practice asking questions | ESL activities for tutors

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TEFL tips: how to practice questions how to teach ESL/EFL

Compared to other European languages, questions in English are hard. The subject and the verb swap places, there is the added ‘do’ or ‘does’ and prepositions go at the end. For this reason, you must make question practice an integral part of every TEFL lesson and here is how to do it.

5 great ESL speaking activities for adults – with no preparation

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TEFL speaking activities

A good speaking activity makes an ESL lesson but it doesn't have to take a lot of time to prepare. In fact, the more you step back from an activity, the more you will engage your students as you give them space to use their imaginations. Follow this five activities to get your students speaking requiring no preparation from the teacher.

Teaching English in Spain | 8 things to know before you arrive

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teaching english spain ESL in spain

So you’re thinking about becoming an ESL English teacher in Spain? Well many people do and for good reasons: Spain is a beautiful country, its food is amazing and, with the second highest number of native speakers in the world, Spanish is a very useful language to learn. But what can you expect from teaching English in Spain? Well, take a look at this guide to find out.

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